Brainspotting FREE Info Night (for therapists)

01-19-2018 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
The Gallery @ The Green House
Address: 447 E 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46205, USA
What is Brainspotting?
How can Brainspotting benefit my clients? 
How can brainspotting benefit my therapeutic practice?
Come find answers to all these questions and more. Whether you are interested in learning about Brainspotting to refer your clients or you are interested in future trainings, we would love to have you at this FREE info night. You may even have an opportunity to try Brainspotting if interested.
Brainspotting is a leading edge neurobiological therapeutic tool to locate, focus, and process trauma, anxiety, depression, and emotional pain.  This effective process can quickly release symptoms by processing in deep parts of the brain.  
Have you ever noticed yourself simply gazing or staring at some spot on the floor or wall or ceiling? Have you noticed yourself looking away or up or somewhere else when really thinking about something you are saying or want to say, particularly when the subject is loaded emotionally? As a therapist, I notice this all the time. Clients often become unnecessarily self-conscious about it and force themselves to make eye contact with me. While their gaze continues to drift back to these spots, they do not allow themselves to hold the spot. What they don’t realize is that rather than avoiding eye contact, they are intuitively helping themselves to process by accessing deep neural connections and memories in the subcortical brain. 
Brainspotting can help with:
  • Abuse
  • Trauma
  • Developmental Trauma
  • Flashbacks
  • Relationship Pain
  • Grief and Loss
  • Anxiety and Phobias
  • Improving Performance
  • Anger Management
  • Negative Self-assessment
  • Depression
  • Athletic Improvement

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  • 10-27-2018 9:30 am - 10-27-2018 5:00 pm

    Join us to discover life-changing skills that can dramatically improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships by increasing harmony, shared understanding and creative problem solving.

    Nonviolent-Compassionate Communication (NVC) shows us how to exchange information needed to prevent violence, increase mutual understanding, and discover win/win strategies that contribute to lasting peace among individuals, organizations and nations.

    This daylong training is an opportunity to learn some tools and mindsets that you can apply right away, in a community of like-minded learners and supported by more advanced practitioners.


    Why is Nonviolent Communication Important in Our World?

    Most of us are hungry for skills to that can improve the quality of our relationships, increase our contribution through our work, and deepen our sense of personal empowerment.

    However, most of us have been educated from birth to compete, judge, demand and diagnose... and to think and communicate in ways that create distrust and alienation, rather than connection.

    At best, these habitual ways we think and speak hinder communication and create misunderstanding and frustration. And still worse, they can cause anger and pain, and may lead to violence, either physical or emotional.

    Without wanting to, even people with the best of intentions stimulate needless conflict in their lives. NVC helps us reach beneath the surface and discover what is alive and vital within us, and how to express what's important to us in a way that generates connection, goodwill and compassion.


    Meet the Trainers:

    Lisa Gottlieb, MSW, SSW (Ann Arbor, MI) is passionate about NVC and is deeply invested in supporting individuals, couples and families by teaching skills and offering tools to bring more ease, peace, connection and empathy into their lives.

    Lisa also works with small businesses, non-profit and faith-based organizations to find effective methods to improve communication with staff and customers, solve problems and increase productivity and worker satisfaction. She is a Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

    Lisa has lived and worked in Ann Arbor, MI since 1977, raising her children and working for the last 18 years as a school social worker for Washtenaw Intermediate School District in the Court-Involved Youth Program, where she initiated the facility's first vegetable gardens and teaches yoga and mindfulness. Lisa is a co-founder of Selma Café, a non-profit local food and breakfast party that supports sustainable agriculture. Learn more about Lisa here.

    Irene Bowers (Avon Lake, OH) has years of experience as writer, editor and communication consultant. With a Communication degree from Purdue University, Irene began her career writing and editing for consumer and trade publications, later working as a communication consultant in an international management consulting firm. In this role, she developed complex communication and training projects.

    In 2004, Irene discovered NVC and began integrating and sharing it, and is pursuing Trainer Certification through the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Irene is a member of the Oberlin College Center for Dialogue which provides mediation and facilitation to the College and community. She taught a popular full-semester NVC class at Oberlin and continues to offer workshops by request for student groups and departments at the College.

    Who is it for

    Everyone is welcome -- the training is designed to be relevant and engaging to all experience and skill levels. If you like what you experience in this workshop, we invite you to join our 11-month program in Ann Arbor beginning November 8, 2018. A description of that program is here:


    • Show you how to prepare for difficult conversations so that you are emotionally settled and have clear goals for the conversation.
    • Develop your deep listening skills so that you can hear a person’s underlying needs, even when they aren’t communicating those needs directly or clearly.
    • Demonstrate how to engage in conversations where you advocate for what’s important to you, understand what’s important to the other person, and move toward to a mutually satisfying solution.
    • Equip you with tools for remaining grounded and clear-minded when other people are criticizing or blaming you.
    • Learn an approach for giving and receiving gratitude that increases trust and goodwill with others and raises everyone’s energy.
    • Discover how to transform enemy images that you have about other people and reclaim full access to your energy and choice.
    • Clarify the difference between empathy that connects versus other helping responses that are designed to be caring but that actually interfere with empathic connection.

    Registration Investment

    EARLYBIRD: $100/person (by Sept. 27, 2018)
    STANDARD: $120/person (after Sept. 27)

    MULTIPLE PERSON DISCOUNT: (can be combined with early bird discount)
    • When 2 or more people register together, everyone saves 10%

    Register NOW!

    If you have questions about the program or content, email Lisa Gottlieb at